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Koo Wee Rup Medical Centre provides medical consultations by appointment. We will endeavour to make the appointment for your preferred doctor at a time that suits you. Alternatively, should your doctor not be available, we will offer you an option to see one of our other doctors. 

Extended consultations are also available upon request and recommended for any mental health concerns. Please let us know at the time of booking if you think you'll need more time with your doctor and we will make a time for you. If you are unsure about how long it normally takes or how much our services cost in general, feel free to give our reception staff a call.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify the clinic as soon as possible.

A non-refundable fee of $15 is charged for missed standard appointments and late cancellations.

This fee is to be paid before further appointments can be booked.

Every reasonable effort is made to keep appointment times to a minimum, however, emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances may cause delay. 


We BULK BILL all children under 16, Health Care Card and Pension Card Holders as long as a current Medicare Card is shown.

For all other patients with a Medicare Card, a GAP of $30.00 is charged for a standard consultation, payable on the day. 

Extended consultations have a Gap fee of $40.00

Telehealth appointments have a Gap fee of $20.00

Telehealth, if the patient has not been seen face to face in the last 12months you may be out of pocket $50-70 if you do not meet the conditions set by medicare for telephone consults.

Clarify with our reception staff if you have any fee queries prior to your appointment. 

Your account is sent to Medicare. Then in 2-3 weeks a medicare rebate cheque is forwarded to you payable to the doctor or clinic. This cheque needs to be forwarded to the clinic as this pays the doctor for the bulk of the visit.  (We realise this process is very inconvenient,  unfortunately until Medicare change it, this is how it works).

Patients with NO MEDICARE CARD will be charged between $70.00 and $100.00 depending on the duration and nature of the consultation, payable on the day.  This applies to all overseas visitors also. (Lesions, plastering and suturing will incur a higher fee)

A Gap fee of $50 is charged for all Procedures, this can be discussed with your doctor or receptionist at the time of booking.  Plasters and Sutures may incur a higher Gap fee.

All medical examinations (Workcover, TAC, Insurance company medicals, Driver medicals etc) are NOT eligible for Medicare rebates. Fees for these vary and are payable on the day.  Please speak to the receptionist at the time of booking.

We accept both Cash and Card payments. 

Please clarify any other billing questions with our friendly reception staff at the time of booking.

Please discuss referrals to specialists with the GP. 

Referrals MUST be made prior to your consultation with the specialist. Referrals cannot be backdated and consulting with a specialist prior to obtaining a referral will forfeit your Medicare rebate for that specialist consultation. You will be out of pocket a lot of money.

Ongoing referrals will require a consultation with your Doctor to allow appropriate communication with your specialist. On the rare occasion that a repeat referral is provided outside of a consultation a $20 non-refundable fee will apply.

Prescriptions for regular medications are available during a consultation with your doctor.


If this is not possible, at your doctor's discretion, a script for a short supply of the medication may be provided until you can next see the doctor. 

A prescription outside of a consultation will incur a $15 non-refundable fee.

Please arrange an appointment with the doctor to follow-up any results.

Our reception staff may call you once the results have been checked by the doctor. 

Please do not treat 'no news as good news', it is best to see the doctor for follow-up regardless. This minimises the risk of missing the follow-up of clinically important results. 

Home visits are done for our regular patients only, in the Koo Wee Rup area if necessary and where possible.

Please ring early in the morning to advise staff to arrange a visit.

This may be done at lunch  time, or most likely at the end of the day.

If you are too unwell to come to the doctors, it is worth considering calling an ambulance.